Sunday, August 19, 2012

Surreal Soup - A dream from last night !

"Dreams are messages from your subconscious". Wikipedia considers dreams to be successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud wrote extensively about dream theories and interpretations in "The interpretation of dreams". Some people are in complete control of their dreams, lucid dreamers they are called. These people can actually control the world inside their minds like if it were a virtual reality world. Dreaming has been known to exist forever. The ancient Shamans are said to wander into dreamworlds to seek answers and be one with the higher power. Also considered as a gateway to meditation and higher phenomenon like (OBE) Out of Body experiences. What intrigued me, as a dreamer who has had only one lucid dream so far is the actually lucidity and content of the world inside our minds. The content can be explained as completely surreal and juxtaposed. If one were to dream without any control over one's dreams, one would run into strangely juxtaposed ideas and imagery. Surreal Soup is a compilation of dream visuals put together in a bizarrely unorderly way to make you think of certain things you would not think of, in that particular moment of time.

Please click on the below link to see the experimental short, I happened to create with the help of my crew. It was purely academic and the start to an exploration which will continue through out my living years.



  1. hi, i am mohit here. just found ur link from satyanshu's blog. u hv nicely summarized the whole thing. the ancient scriptures do mention about three states, jagrata, swapan, sushupti. some people can master all these states. they can be asleep and dreaming but still be aware of everything going on. they are true yogis. read about them. do visit my blog

    1. Please see the actual experimental film that I happened to create with my crew.