Monday, December 10, 2012

"My epitaph now and then cries,
 Loaded with larvae and mere lies.
A walk of life, a sound? His parasitic round.
Discarded footwear and fear he hides."

 - A W Manfred.

I once wrote a poem. I call it a dada poem. It is a mixture of words put together from different mediums of print and in limerick style. I did read that poems are read by the reader and interpreted in their own way, hence I do not want to reveal my own interpretation of the poem. But I would say out of the two universal states of mind. This poem hovers around "fear" and not "love". And it is mandatory for a human to understand what fear is, to fully comprehend what love is. PS: As for A W MANFRED, that would be my own pseudonym.(I thought I needed one) A W stands for "Ashwyn Warrier" and Manfred is a name which means "Peace" - In fact a very Libran name.


  1. 'it is mandatory to understand what fear is, to fully comprehend what love is' very well said. Actually in fear a man visualizes death. And the vision (darshan) of death is required to understand what love and life are. This poem takes me back to the psychedelic video of Pink Floyd's comforatbly numb. Anyways a nice post. I must mention that you have chosen a wonderful deceiving pseudonym. Reminds me of A W Housman and C S Lewis.

    1. Thank you again Mohit.

      I am a huge Fan of Pink Floyd and i can understand what you exactly mean as I always find an unspoken yet spoken moment in the song "Coming Back to life". Thank you for your appreciation. I went through your blog and did see and learn the kind of content a blog can carry. Being a newbie to blogging, I found it very useful and your collection of information very fascinating. The internet is truly something !!!