Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Only Love is Real !

Another good book ; another good lesson.

I recently finished reading Dr. Brian Weiss's "Only Love is Real". I had picked this one up from a roadside vendor in June during my evening stroll. Although after months of not reading it, something, I would call as a heart's decision urged me to start reading it in the past week. The book talks about the journey of soul mates and soul families (How we are always born with or around the ones we are tied to on a soul-level through many lifetimes.) with reference to a practice called "Past Life Regression". And how these souls are bound to meet in recurrent lifetimes. And the prominent message being "Only the love we see and experience is true, rest is all an illusion that we make up conditioned by our everyday mind." Our everyday mind prevents our awakening to this truth. And an unawakened mind may not see in terms of the feeling of the experience as it looks for rationality everywhere. You do not run into such a soulmate everyday, perhaps one or two in a lifetime.
Here are a few lines I liked from the book:

"Never worry about meeting soul mates. Such meetings are a matter of destiny. They will occur. After the meeting, the free will of both partners reign. What decisions are made or not made are a matter of free will, of choice. The less awakened will make decisions based on the mind and all of its fears and prejudices. Unfortunately this often leads to heartache. The more awakened couple is, the more the likelihood of a decision based on love. When both partners are awakened, ecstasy is within their grasp."

Ending in a quote seems to be my favourite way to etch a message in your heads, for it gives me more satisfaction to share this than to have read the book :

"Measure not relationships with time; but with lessons learnt"
~ Dr. Brian Weiss

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